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We Have One Goal

To Create Damn Good Hardscape Websites

The internet is not a fad. Building an online presence will be more important than ever with a new generation entering into a time in their life where they have money to spend along with the wealth transfer that will take place to that new generation.

And this generation did not grow up reading newspapers and listening to the radio. They grew up in an online world and will continue to rely on the online world when they need a solution.

This is why establishing your authority in this online world early with a beautiful website that is optimized to show up in search results before any other company in your area is the best way to begin to capitalize on your marketing dollars.

How to Hardscape

In 2019, I started How to Hardscape with a website. For the previous 5 years I had been playing around with building websites and finally got to a point where I felt confident enough to build out a platform for hardscapers. Much like I started my hardscape business from working on the side to doing it full time, I want to help hardscapers with their online presence beginning with building beautiful websites that are optimized for search engines so that they can continue to get leads into their business.

Mike Pletz

The Hardscape Web Design Team

Mike Pletz

The main web designer of the Hardscape Web Design Team.


He does not do much around here, but he is a good support dog.

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